It’s me. That lady on the other side of your submission. COVID has made the process a purely virtual affair, so whether I’m currently wearing pants is a mystery!

Here’s the quick and dirty:

Anna is the name my parents gave me, Pazakova is one I chose. Borrowed, with love, from my mother’s side of the family. My parents came to Canada to be “Canadian”, but you can’t shake Eastern Europe in one generation. You must keep every plastic bag from the grocery store in a bin in the closet. And the cupboard under the sink. All bags are reusable if you’re creative enough.

I’ve got a job where they pay my dentist bills. I meet a wide variety of humans where a verbal biography can be triggered by a simple hello. I also have a job where I'm supposed to keep three small humans alive and moderately well-behaved. They are growing at an exponential rate and it’s terrifying. The only way I slow them down is by putting a book in their hands.

I started reading with my dad; he was spectacularly adept at telling stories. Reading turned into a TV obsession, the gateway drug to movies and theatre. I remember going to see my very first movie, Pocahontas, and while the credits rolled and my tiny heart was breaking into pieces, I turned to my dad and found him equally heartbroken, tears in his eyes. Die-hard romantics, the pair of us.

I’m infatuated with stories. I consume them ferociously. Books, comics, poetry, TV, movies, cartoons, manga, anime. ALL OF IT. I have no predetermined guide for where I’ll find the good stuff. I can’t predict which stories compel me or where I will find them.

That’s why I’m here, at Lida, where unapologetic storytelling shines the brightest. I am beyond excited to read your submissions, support you in the publishing process and help you create your very best work. I know creating can be difficult, that putting it into the world can be even more so, but I promise you your submissions are safe with us.

I encourage you to struggle through the indecision, push past the self-doubt, and put your heart on the page. If you keep working, editing, and refining your craft, you will learn to love it. And your audience won’t be far behind.

I mean, you’ve already got one person dying to read it.
Anna Pazakova was born and raised in Edmonton, AB, with her ancestors hailing from the rugged mountains of Slovakia. She is a University of Alberta grad and a Department of Drama alumna. She has produced cabarets, fringe shows, and festivals. Through these experiences, she found her talents lie in her ability to hold space for performers/writers where they have the freedom and guidance to create their best work.

Her short story, "Queen of the Underworld," was published in the inaugural issue of Lida Magazine. When she is not pouring over submissions, she is working through edits of her first novel.

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